Get Your Place In The Metaverse, in AR and VR!

Visit your place in AR or VR mode, or switch between views in realtime
Invite Groups Of Friends To Your Place (up to 16 people)
Chat, Play Games, Browse The Internet Together... and more
Friends Get Notifications And Visit You With 1-Click, Wherever They Are...
No Need To Install - runs in the browser! (*VR mode only)

In AR Mode, walk around your real environment interacting with your friends...

Click play on the video below to see AR mode...


In VR Mode, you view your place through your desktop/phone/tablet!

Click play on the video below to see VR mode...

Easily Invite Your Friends

Invite friends to your place and they get an instant notification on their desktop or phone. Friends click the notification and arrive at your place! Invite friends one by one, or easily create groups that you can invite with 1-click.

Works On Everything

Meetplace runs in the browser on desktops, so you can use it on public computers without an install. There are standalone apps for Android and iOS devices. Invites from friends appear on all of your devices. If you were offline, invites will appear next time you login.

No Webcam Required!

Meetplace uses AI to create a realistic avatar from a single selfie. There is no worrying about what you look like or what people can see behind you, because your webcam stays OFF... although you can share your webcam (and even screen) if you want. In AR mnode you can project your face in realtime, for maximum expression and realism!

Create Your Place!

From the basic template, use the built-in tools to edit your place and make it your own, with editable furniture and decor. If you know how to take a 360 panorama picture, you can upload it for extra realism!

Share Your Place Online!

Easily share a link to your place on your website or Facebook / YouTube page. You'll get a notification when people arrive. Meetplace can even create an email with a link that will auto-add friends when they click the link.

Shared Experiences!

Meetplace comes with an ever-expanding library of fun multiplayer games and experiences, but you can also create your own using the easy drag-and-drop tools. Advanced users can use the scripting built in for full control!

The Meetplace Team

Meet Our Team!

We are working tirelessly to make sure you have the best experience in your place and on the Meetplace network. Contact us at feedback(at) with any ideas or suggestions!